Happy Holidays – Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Style!

One of the exciting new things I got to do this year was help out with some castle projections for Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Stage Show at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The amazing folks over at Mousetrappe created artwork that I got to replicate for other projection angles.

As a matte painter the idea of projections on buildings has been a goal in the back of my mind, and this project really reignited a long lingering interest in physical projections. (Now I just need to scrape together some extra time out of thin air for all my projects, and maybe some cash for some outdoor projectors, and an assistant to help set all this up, and…. )

My husband (a self-proclaimed Disney parks geek) was even more excited than me and nearly re-routed our winter vacation to get to see the show live in person. Instead we managed to find some photos and videos online of people who HAD gone to see the new show, and we lived vicariously through them. Check out this video of the show below!